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This week on The Career Mechanic we discuss  the whole gambit from the 35 hours work week movement, to achieving greatness in your career. Our guests are John de Graaf, author of Take Back Your Time, Jim Camp who wrote Start with No and Rick Smith author of THE LEAP: How 3 Simple Changes Can Propel Your Career From Good To Great.



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The New America

This week on The Career Mechanic radio show we take a critical look at the change being foisted on America by the ruling party and what it could mean to the economy and your career. Our guests are Tom Woods, author of the best selling book: Meltdown: A Free-Market Look at Why the Stock Market Collapsed and Brad O’Leary author of The Audacity of Deceit : Barrack Obama’s War on American Values.

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About my blog…

To my Loyal Readers,

I have been thinking about doing a new book about all of the various things Washington DC and the ruling party are doing to destroy the careers for regular people on America (i.e. people who do not work for the government, belong to a labor union, or are classified into a race that receives special treatment under the law).

I have found that the amount of work involved in doing a great radio show at  www.thecareermechanic.com is substantial and not likely to diminish. Also, if you read my blog and listen to the show, you find that the blog is almost always based on some 5 minute segment of the show.

Also, I have become very active on facebook and find that it is actually becoming a mini-blog for me. I clip interesting stories every day, post them with my own comments, and frequently engage in debates with people who share or disagree with me.


I will be cutting back on my blog entries here at WordPress. This will enable me to work on my new book and radio show either in streaming format at webtalkradio.net or as podcasts on iTunes. If you like my blogs, I would encourage you to listen to The Career Mechanic radio show. If you like my writing and perspective on careers, politics, and economics, I’d like to invite you to be my friend on facebook.

Either of these options are one click away on the right side of this web page — see “Connect with Dave.”

I will continue to post brief descriptions of my radio show and links here every week and may resume more detailed blogs down the road.

Thank you for your support – see you on the radio show and/or facebook.

Dave Horne

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At 12:01 AM on Sunday September 5th, Barrack Obama’s handpicked Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones resigned amid multiple controversies. Most notable was his support for a group that believes that George Bush was the mastermind behind 9/11. And his open admission that he is a member of the Communist Party:

Of course, these two facts were a little too harsh for the Main Stream Media to report, so instead, they showed the YouTube clip over and over again where Jones calls all republicans an explicative.

But none of this bothers me as much as what the appointment of Van Jones as The Nations Green Job’s Czar says about Barrack Obama’s Economic Recovery Plan.

Why The Green Economy

Over the past few months, we’ve hosted countless guests on The Career Mechanic radio show who have detailed how bad traditional job markets in the US are fairing. We all know the 2 big dogs – Automotive and Financial Services are leaking oil all over the track, but so is just about every other major industry. Recently, Bruce Richardson, Chief Research Officer at AMR Research in Boston appeared on the show and reported that even the tech job market was struggling. He said that the on going movement of jobs to India and “Cloud Computing” has tanked the tech job market.

So what’s left? Green Jobs.

Creating a Green Economic Base

In my recent “Back to School Special” show, I spoofed a story from the Boston Globe that listed coming “Green Careers” that were pretty much a joke. My favorite was Green Fashion Designer.

The fact is a lot of these so-called green jobs are simply putting a green façade on a traditional job and that will not do anything to fuel our recovery.

If the US economy is ever going to recovery on the back of the green economy, it’s going happen through the creation of a new green industrial base or green-tech. I’m talking about private companies that commercialize new products that create clean and/or renewable energy, etc.  And, just like the automotive industry and the computer industry, we need new green industries that create huge companies that employ millions of people in good paying jobs and pay billions (or perhaps trillions) of dollars in taxes to fuel the government.

Back to Van Jones and President Obama’s Vision for Green Economy

Like I said, the fact that Van Jones believes Bush was behind 9/11, or that he is a communist, or that he calls republicans dirty names isn’t that big a deal to me. But what drives me bonkers, is that he has zero qualifications to be the Green Jobs Czar or the United States, but rather he has a very open agenda to destroy the traditional “white” economy in the US move “all the wealth to minorities.

Van Jones and by his appointment, Barack Obama, have no vision for creating a green economy that will actually fuel the kind of economic recovery we need in America; they planned to use it a ruse for their hidden agenda.

The Pittsburg Tribune recently published a story today titled: Van Jones Green Ruse and it is so startling, that I am reporting it here in its entirety:

Van Jones’ ‘green’ Ruse

By Ralph R. Reiland

Pittsburg Tribune — Monday, September 14, 2009

You can’t grasp the full craziness of Van Jones, Obama’s now-resigned “green jobs czar” (actual job title: “special advisor on Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation for the White House Council on Environmental Quality”) unless you watch his speeches on YouTube.

In a nutshell, along with his anti-capitalism, Marxism, and anti-white racism, Jones’ big idea is that we should knock down our prisons and create green jobs by having the nation’s murderers and rapists come over to caulk our windows.

Jones describes U.S. prisons as “slave ships on dry land,” a “punishment industry” that’s disproportionately victimizing people of color and profiting from America’s ongoing “racist war.”

One of the victims of that racist war, trapped unfairly on a “slave ship” in Philly, according to Jones, is Mumia Abu-Jamal. He’s the former community organizer and “Lieutenant of Information” for the Black Panther Party who was convicted of the Dec. 9, 1981, murder of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner.

Jones asserts that whites are the actual violent ones, shooting up whole schools, not just one person at a time. “You’ve never seen a Columbine done by a black,” says Jones. “Never.”

Perhaps. But the U.S. Department of Justice, totaling up all the murders nationwide — not just what happened on one day in 1999 — reports that the offending rate for blacks who commit murder is more than seven times higher than the rate for whites; the homicide-victimization rate for blacks is six times higher than the rate for whites; and 94 percent of black murder victims are killed by blacks.

In any case, Jones’ green-justice idea is to “build a pipeline from the prison economy to the green economy,” an innovative solution that allows us to simultaneously achieve several major goals. The “historical victims” trade in their AK-47s for caulking guns, the overconsuming public uses less energy, the polar bears get back their non-melting ice, and the abused targets of the punishment industry will be out from behind bars and pocketing a public sector “living wage” by applying weatherstripping from a nonprofit government factory.

As Investor’s Business Daily points out, Jones may not have been truly original in coming up with this scheme: “In his 2006 memoir, President Obama proposed government-subsidized green jobs ‘to hire and train ex-felons on projects’ such as ‘insulating homes and offices to make them energy-efficient.’ Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, who worked with Jones in California as a congresswoman, has already put such plans into motion.”

Jones explains that it was in the aftermath of the Rodney King riots in California that he became a communist. As he told the East Bay Express in 2005: “I was a rowdy nationalist on April 28 (1992), and then the verdicts came down on April 29. By August, I was a communist.”

In the same interview, Jones explains how he developed a soft spot for felons, the future weatherstrippers of America: “I met all these young radical people of color — I mean really radical: communists and anarchists. And I was, like, ‘This is what I need to be a part of.’ I spent the next 10 years of my life working with a lot of those people I met in jail, trying to be a revolutionary.”

And so we ended up with a self-described red as a “green czar,” a special adviser to the president, set to distribute some $30 billion or so of our tax dollars in ways that he determines would save the world from an Earth-killing capitalist system.

Jones outlines his strategy for a green and collectivist utopia last year during an interview with leftist Uprising Radio in Los Angeles: “The green economy will start off as a small subset” of a “complete revolution” against “gray capitalism” and toward a “redistribution of all wealth.”

And how’s the mundane caulking of windows fit in? It’s just the way to get Van Jones into the White House as a “czar” of something that sounds nice — a way to get guys like Abu-Jamal back on the street with our money in their pockets, ready to do some real community organizing on a grand scale.

In one of his more honest moments, Jones explains the ruse, the use of “green” as a deceptive maneuver to destroy the existing American system: “We are going to push it and push it until it becomes the engine for transforming the whole society.”

Van Jone’s Own Words

So when I see that this nutjob is the man the President selected to create the new green economy in America, it makes me insane. And it tells me exactly where the president wants to lead this nation and the sad truth is, it has little to do with fueling the recovery through a green economy.

This Week on The Career Mechanic — The Weight Of The Mantle Of Leadership
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We’ll discuss what it takes to be a leader with Steve Chandler, author of Fearless: Creating the Courage to Change the Things You Can, Ralph Health author of Celebrating Failure, and Bruce Rosenstein, author of Living in More Than One World: How Peter Drucker’s Wisdom Can Inspire and Transform Your Life.

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This week The Career Mechanic focuses on Anger Management and your career. I have been trying to remember an incident in my career when I lost my temper on the job and couldn’t think of any – not even one.

But that doesn’t mean I’m clean of anger management issues – in fact, quite the opposite, I have huge issues, they’re just not at work.

You may not know this, but I am an amateur chef. And not only that, but I cook dinner almost every night for at least Mrs. Horne and often a houseful of friends and relatives.

And as a chef, I shop just about every day for fresh ingredients and truth be told, I actually love heading out for hours to find the best food at the best prices for the meal I’m cooking that night.

Sometimes I fanaticize that I’m Bobby Flay on the food channel, hitting the local markets and getting tips from other foodies.

Unfortunately, those days only happen once or twice a month.

Most days, I find myself rushing to the local Stop and Shop (or Ralph’s) and doing hand-to-hand combat with working moms who are rushing to grab a 30 minute meal for their hungry family.

And this where my anger management issues come out, and unfortunately, not only do I lose it at the grocery store – I actually do so once or twice a month.

Now you’re probably asking yourself “how can you be so cool in the pressure packed environment of an office and snap like a schoolboy doing something as simple as buying groceries.”

I wish I knew, I don’t, but here are some of the things that almost always “trip my switch.”

The first land mine actually appears in the parking lot when I can’t find a parking place and I see the bag boy’s freshly waxed Subaru taking up two parking spaces to make sure I don’t knick it when I open the door to my Infiniti.

Or someone waiting for a car to pull out of a spot they want and blocking me from going around them to find my own space. How arrogant – making me wait until you get your prime parking place, I’m parking out in Tombouctou and I can’t even get there until you get your sweet spot.

Then I get into the store and at first everything goes just dandy.

Look it, I am not one of those emotional weaklings who lose it over a string of shopping carts that are jammed together – I calmly move on and find a free cart.

But occasionally, I do find myself boiling over at the deli counter.

Don’t you dare open your mouth and start placing an order until the butcher boy calls the number on that little ticket you got from the red machine.  What, you don’t have a ticket – not my problem, go get one and head to the back of the line. And whatever you do, don’t get in front of me and pull out a list of various cold cuts and cheeses you’d like personally sliced into individual ¼ lb portions.

But for me, the true red zone of grocery shopping hits when I get to the check-out counter.

My Anger Ground Zero

My Anger Ground Zero

That is the most fertile anger breeding ground I know.

It could be as simple as clerks who ignore me and choose to talk to the bag boy about his shining new Subaru. Or the Neanderthal who doesn’t carry cash or never heard of a debit card and launches into a very slow and tedious check writing procedure after all their groceries are bagged and  in their cart. Oh dear, don’t forget to update your check book and write down who you wrote that $8.37 check in your slow motion handwriting.

But lately, I’ve come across a new detonator for my sleeping time bomb — Green Bags

Yes, Green Bags, you know what I’m talking about. These canvas bags with some save the environment drivel written all over them, that we’re all suppose to use to cut down on global warming and save the planet.

The last time I went berserk at the grocery store, the lady in front of me left her green bags in her cart as she droned away on her stinking cell phone about how busy she was.

Then after all of her groceries where loaded into recyclable plastic bags, she yanks out her green bags and makes Subaru Jimmy repack all of her groceries in them; after which Jimmy tosses the recyclable plastic bags into the trash can.

How do you expect me to remain calm when I’m subjected to this kind of psychological torture?

I’m only human – no man can survive this.

I just hope no one parked too close to the Infiniti for me to open the door – we’re talking Armageddon!

The thing about irrational anger is that it’s simply not rational! Why am I in such a hurry to get through the grocery store, and why do these people drive me nuts – who knows.

Fortunately, I’ll probably never see these people again, but you can’t say the same thing about the people you work with.

Not only will you see them again, but you’ll probably see them again every day for the next 5 years, and means that any act of anger will haunt you for a very long time.

In fact, it may even follow you from job to job – so there is simply no choice – you must control your anger management at work.

This Week on The Career Mechanic: Anger Management and Your Career
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We’ll examine anger and conflict resolution from all angles. Our guests are Gary Harper, author of The Joy of Conflict Resolution: Transforming Victims, Villains & Heroes in the Workplace and at Home, Vivian Scott who is the author of the upcoming book Conflict Resolution at Work For Dummies, and Lynn Taylor author of Tame your Terrible Office Tyrant.

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